Mazur Zachow is committed to providing an outstanding in-person research experience, as we always have. We adjusted our facilities to accommodate today’s needs in the new normal. We are following, and in many cases exceeding, the recommendations of the CDC and the Insight’s Association.

Focus group COVID precautions

Here is what you can expect to see on your next visit to Mazur Zachow’s facility.

First, we are staggering group times to ensure limited overlap between group start and end times. Second, all employees, participants, and clients will be subject to a temperature check, required hand sanitizing, and the use of a mask BEFORE entering the facility. Third, we will be offering menu-only options, which will be delivered to you as they are provided to us. All utensils will be one-use disposable items.

In addition, you will see some significant differences in how we manage the flow of our work and the spaces inside our facility:


  • We will have the minimum amount of staff on site during the research
  • Staff members are health screened every day prior to entering the facility
  • Staff will be regularly cleaning all areas of the facility (including doors, desks, tables, chairs, kitchen areas, and lobby)
  • Staff will wear masks and will use hand sanitizer or gloves at all times
  • Sanitation – we are using the most advanced disinfecting products available that comport with CDC and FDA approval
  • Acrylic shields at the reception desk
  • Remote re-screening prior to arrival, when possible (depending upon clients providing a re-screener at least one day prior to research)
  • Day of re-screening can be done, with every participant given their own re-screener, clip board, and pen, to prevent cross-contamination.
  • All respondents will be met at the facility entry vestibule and will be required to have a temperature check, as well as a mask, and hand sanitizing before entering the facility
  • The respondent waiting area, the lobby, and the focus rooms have been reengineered to keep 6-foot social distancing parameters. Our large waiting area easily accommodates 13 respondents while maintaining social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at multiple locations throughout the facility and for every respondent seated in the focus room


Focus group COVID precautions
Focus group COVID precautions
  • Our large focus group rooms allow us to comfortably seat 10 respondents with plexiglass shields between every respondent
  • Staff will be sanitizing before and after each group, including using a UV light to sterilize focus rooms and waiting area between groups
  • Boxed, pre-packaged participant meals/snacks will be provided in waiting area and focus rooms (when appropriate)


  • Socially distanced seating for client in viewing rooms. Our large viewing rooms can accommodate up to 12 viewers while still enabling social distancing.
  • Pre-wrapped, individual snacks available
  • Client food will be individually packaged, handed directly to the client, there will be no re-plating.
  • Single use, disposable, utensils and plates will be provided
  • Lounges and client viewing rooms will be sanitized after each session and at the end of each day, followed by UV sanitation.
  • Hand sanitizer provided in lounges and viewing rooms
  • We offer multiple streaming options for clients unable to attend

Mazur Zachow is dedicated to working with our staff through these preparations; emphasizing staying home when sick, continued respiratory etiquette, and maintaining strong hand hygiene.

Mazur Zachow will support our clients, employees, and participants in every way possible to conduct successful, safe research. We understand that project scopes may differ and encourage you to communicate additional needs. Please know that we will make every effort to accommodate your specific research. Mazur Zachow values our partnerships and looks forward to the opportunity to welcome you back! Please reach out to us with any questions.