Why Conduct Research in Milwaukee?

Wondering why you should choose Milwaukee or the Milwaukee area for a market research and market analysis destination? The Greater Milwaukee area is one of the most widely used and preferred locations for qualitative research. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and the fifth largest in the Midwestern United States
  • The 7-county Greater Milwaukee area is home to over 2 million Wisconsinites
    • Over 600,000 of them are in the city alone
  • The Greater Milwaukee area is diverse. As of the most recent census, it consists of:
    • Caucasian: 51.9%
    • African American: 27.2%
    • Hispanic: 14.8%
    • Asian 4.3%
  • The male/female ratio is close to 50:50
  • The median age is 31 (2010 census)
  • There are over 100,000 students attending colleges and universities in the city making MKE one of the highest students-per-capita ratio in the U.S.
  • Milwaukee is home to General Mitchell International Airport, just eight miles from downtown
  • Chicago is only 90 minutes away via Amtrak
  • There are 7 Fortune 500 companies in the city
  • Typical Midwestern city

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